How to make Chest Shops on GoodCraft:

ChestShop Guide

Let’s start by looking at an existing shop!


Here’s what the sign represents:

1 Shop Owner
2 Item count per transaction
3 (two parts)
“B 10” Means you as the customer can pay $10 to buy the listed item.
“10 S” Means you as the customer can sell the listed item to the owner of the shop for $10.
4 Listed Item

Now let’s make one.

Alright, you’ve got a ton of Acacia Saplings, stacks and stacks of them. Let’s sell some!
First, you need to put a chest down. It can be a single or double chest, depending on how much you plan to stock it.
Next, put a sign directly on the chest. You can do this by holding shift as you place the sign. Check below for what to type.

  • Leave the first line blank! (Your username is autofilled)
  • Let’s say we want to sell 12 saplings per transaction. Put 12 on the second line.
  • Now, we want to charge people $100 for 12 saplings- and maybe we want to pay people $25 for 12 saplings they sell to us! Follow the format of the image above to enter these details on the third line. “B 100 : 25 S”. Don’t want people to sell any to you? Just put a 0.
  • On the last line, put a question mark! This will change to the item you want to sell by itself.

NOW, hold the item you want to sell in your hand- and right-click the sign!
That will autofill the name/id of the item you are trying to sell automatically onto the 4th line.
Now just add as much stock as you can to your actual chest!
If your chest is stocked before you place the sign, adding a “?” on the 4th line will auto-fill to the items already in the chest.

YOU’RE DONE! Happy trading. <3